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Mikael the Norwegian Viking

8 December 1976
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I have a Norman viking conqueror surname originally from Normandy France and before that Norway. I am a Lutheran Christian.
I am interested in developing sexual & mental health.

Nowadays I am interested in Self Mastery, Coaching, Mentoring, and Self awareness. I am somebody persuing an Executive Masters in Business administration (EMBA. So I am preparing and working at the same time. I like Informatics, Statistics, Analytics Business Intelligence, Strategic Business Management Organsational Psychology etc. I like celebrating the Viking Nordic Holidays. OSTARA, Walpurgis Night, Blots, Mid Summer.

I have a BSc hons degree in Software & Networking Engineering from London Metropolitan University with three years working experience.
My last IT job was a Software Projects Manager & Business Intelligence Analyst using SAP Business Objects Edge for reporting and statistics...

I am trying to find my equal in life (partner) and am looking for a woman with a degree a good sense of humour and somebody who is very career orientated
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